We are consultants who help organizations have successful website projects. | Needs Analysis, RFP Creation, Vendor Selection, Technology Recommendations, Project Oversight
Why Use
District Agency?
  • You Will Have an Expert on Your Side

    Our expert consultants work with you during the project life cycle
  • District Agency will write your RFP

    You'll feel confident that all of your requirements are met
  • We help you select the right firm for your project

    District Agency will be a valuable asset when selecting the right vendor
  • We make certain your vendor does their job

    We help oversee the technical aspects of your web project

website Discovery

Do you have a clear understanding of what your organization REALLY NEEDS for your web project?


Project Oversight

Would you feel more comfortable with an expert on your side during the project lifecycle?

RFP Creation

Does your organization have the expertise to create a sound, technical RFP?


Website Design/Usability

Does your organization have a successful, user-centric web design?

Vendor Selection

Do you have the technology expertise to choose the right company for your project?


Site Management

Do you have the resources to manage and support the health of your website post launch?

District Agency - Website project consultants

We are senior level technology consultants who help organizations plan, prepare, organize, and execute successful website projects.

We help you understand what your organization needs.

Most website projects begin with a full discovery and needs analysis consulting session facilitated by District Agency. Your District Agency consultant will meet with the major stakeholders and key decion makers within your organization. Following the consult we create a project plan that outlines the scope, functionality, schedule, and key players.

We create custom, sound, RFPs specific to your project needs.

Following the initial consult, District Agency will help create a solid RFP for your project, and select qualified vendors to submit proposals. Our consultants will look closely at vendor capabilities to make certain that have relevant experience and are qualified to submit a proposal. The goal of the RFP is to get an apples-to-apples comparison on all proposals.

District Agency will help you select the right vendors.

Once vendors have submitted their proposals, District Agency will advise and help you select the best company for your project.

Our consultants can oversee your project to make sure the project is on time, on budget, and all requirements are met.

If you feel you need an expert on your side during the project development, District Agency will provide project oversight services that keep a close eye on the progress of the project and the responsibilities of the vendor.

District Agency is a Washington dC based Website and technology consulting company working for all types of organizations planning, preparing, and executing website projects

Our Expertise

Mark Cyphers

Mark Cyphers, President
Mark has been managing website projects for twelve years as the President of DC Web Designers. Read more about Mark Cyphers.

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