District Agency President, Mark Cyphers

Mark Cyphers started his first Internet company in 1998. Today he owns two companies, DC Web Designers, and District Agency. He has over fifteen years experience in website design and development. He studied Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Colorado State University.

Two years ago, Mark started District Agency because he recognized a massive flaw in the typical web design project process that left organizations spending thousands of dollars for unsuccessful website projects. He realized that organizations that are not prepared to write a sound RFP, make technology recommendations, and evaluate the quality of web programming logic, relied on unqualified web design companies to make these decisions for them.

Unfortunately, by relying on web design firms to make important decisions for your organization often result in poor websites that fall short in fulfilling your organizations needs.

Being an expert in the web design project process, and having an understanding of how most organizations function, Mark started District Agency to provide organizations the resources they need to hold web design firms responsible to meet his client's needs
Today, Mark arms his clients with the resources and services they need to make certain their website projects are done on time, on budget, and provide the proper technologies to be successful.
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