Who Needs District Agency?

If your organization is about to engage in a website project, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does our organization have the expertise to properly create an RFP that clearly defines our website and technology needs?
  • Does our organization have the expertise to evaluate technology recommendations offered within the proposals we receive for our project?
  • Do we have the internal resources and time to dedicate to overseeing a website project?
If your company is like most, you answered NO to all of the above questions. Website projects require a tremendous amount of expertise and resources. Having a District Agency consultant working with your company through this difficult process will save your organization money, time, and resources as well as increase the likelihood of a successful website project.

The best way to understand if District Agency is right for your organization is to take fifteen minutes to speak with our President. Call 410-740-9181, and ask to speak directly with Mark Cyphers. You can also email us at support@districtagency.com.

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