Why should Your Organization Hire District Agency?

District Agency will absorb the responsibilities that your employees and organization are not able to handle during the lifecycle of a website project..

District Agency provides an expert to work directly with your organization to form a project plan, write an RFP, evaluate proposals, select the right vendor, and oversee the quality of the deliverables.

District Agency can help your organization at any or every level of the project. We recommend beginning with a full strategy consulting session. Learn More > >

Most organizations do not have the time nor the expertise to fully participate in the full-time responsibilities of a web project

Managing a website project can be a full-time job, and it is unreasonable to think that an employee with other responsibilities has the time and technical know-how to successfully engage and collaborate with a web vendor to create a successful project.
 During a typical website project life cycle your organization will be expected to:
  • Plan, prepare, and propose a project plan for your website project
  • Write a sound RFP to receive apples-to-apples proposal comparisons
  • Select vendors that are highly qualified
  • Provide feedback on design and functionality requirements
  • Create a sitemap and write content
  • Evaluate the quality of a web developers work during the project
  • Oversee the project schedule
  • Test and debug the website
If your organization needs an expert in website project management to work with you and your team, call the District Agency at 410-740-9181 or tell us more about your project.

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