District Agency Website Consulting Services

District Agency provides our clients the help they need to create great websites and web applications. If your organization is looking for help evaluating your website, writing an RFP, managing your website project, creating a great design, or completing the entire project, we can help you.

Website Strategy and Needs Analysis Consulting

Do you have a clear understanding of what your organization REALLY NEEDS for your web project?

RFP and Technical Specification Document Creation

Does your organization have the resources and expertise to articulate specific functionality you seek for your website?

Website Vendor Selection

Do you have the knowledge to understand which vendor recommendations are best for your company?

Project Oversight / Management

Would you feel more comfortable with an expert on your side during the project lifecycle?

Website Usability

Did you know that website statistics are the best indicators on how effective and successful your website really is?

Website Maintenance

Do you have the necessary resources to properly manage and support the health of your website post launch?

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