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Like it or not, savvy Internet users are fickle on which websites they stop and read.

Websites that offer a good design, simple layout, brand integrity, and relate to their target audience get the most attention. We see great companies with bad websites get passed up consistently for poor companies with a great web design. Users believe there is a direct correlation between the quality of a good web design, and the reputability of a company.

A good web design can change your business. It gives your organization a fighting chance in a competitive global market.

We've seen industry leaders gain their niche status solely based on the quality of their web design. It makes perfect sense. First impressions are everything, and your company's website is your first impression.

Your organization's first impression lies mostly on the:

  • quality of your design
  • the clarity of your corporate message
  • the ability to connect directly to your primary target audience

A great web design requires a "high-trust" culture, and open collaboration between the web vendor and the decision makers of your organization.

The design team needs to understand your organization. Your business processes, clients, employees, and website goals, all must be understood and comprehended by your design firm to create a great website. In addition, it is your responsibility as a decision maker in your organization to understand the services and technologies your design firm is proposing for your organization.

This type of knowledge transfer doesn't come from a piece of paper with questions, or an online form. It is essential to spend a half day or full day of needs analysis and discovery consulting.

District Agency prides itself on understanding all of our client needs and visions for their website. Our comprehensive creative discovery is a key success factor for our website projects.

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