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The difference between Project Management and Project Oversight is the amount of resources you need from District Agency. Our Project Management services take all of the responsibilities normally carried by the organization, and place them on our shoulders. Our Project Oversight services guide you through critical periods of the project, educate you about project risks, and help you make decisions regarding project challenges.

If your organization is undertaking a website project, you have a responsibility to play a direct role in the preparation, design, development, technology selection, and decision making throughout the entire process

Many times organizations don't have the personnel with the expertise to partake in this type of hands on process, and leave it up to their chosen design vendor to make the decisions for them.

Unfortunately without intimate knowledge of the progressions of your website project, you can't recognize massive misinterpretations, poor technology choices, and improper development procedures until the project is completed and paid for.

District Agency offers organizations like yours an opportunity to be armed with a seasoned expert in the web design and development process

The amount of resources needed for organizations varies, and is dependent on the size of the project, personnel, and budget. District Agency offers comprehensive and customized support to organizations undertaking technology projects. Our trained personnel lead projects from start to finish that provide consistent measured results. Our key personnel have provided creative, technical, and marketing management services for over 400 clients.

A small list of Project Management services include:

  • planning
  • RFP creation
  • allocate resources
  • vendor selection
  • technical / engineering specification documentation
  • creative specifications
  • wireframes
  • usability
  • testing / debugging

Our Project Oversight services are intended to help our clients make educated decisions, reduce project risks, and increase project success. District Agency personnel will review all project management lifecycle processes and deliverables, evaluate the quality of the project work, and make recommendations to improve project deliverables and project management practices. We will help your organization write an RFP, understand the details of vendor proposals, guide you through smart creative decisions, and direct the build out and launch of your project. Having a technology expert on your team during critical decision making periods of a project life cycle can help increase the chances of a successful project that is on budget and high quality.

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