RFP Creation for Website Projects

Writing an RFP and submitting it to prospective website developers is one of the first steps in the website project life cycle (following a comprehensive web strategy session).

Following the initial discovery consultation and project plan document, District Agency creates an RFP for your website project. The RFP is an essential component in creating a successful website project. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the resources or the knowledge to create an effective RFP that returns proposals in line with your site’s true objectives.
An effective RFP is a detailed document that allows website development companies to understand the project requirements, yet still offer creative solutions to fulfill the organization's goals. A sound RFP’s objective is to make certain the organization receives proposals that offer apples-to-apples comparison in scope and price.
District Agency takes the heavy lifting of creating the RFP off of the organization's shoulders. We have a proven technique that makes certain all elements of the project are included, allowing for the removal of “grey areas” and vendor misinterpretations.
Typical RFPs contain the following elements:
  • timelines
  • technologies
  • documentation requirements
  • licenses and software fees
  • functionality requirements
  • design and usability expectations
  • testing and debugging procedures
  • project management expectations
  • meetings and communication requirements
  • hardware and hosting requirements
  • resumes of senior staff
  • previous related work
  • database requirements
  • third party integration

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