Website Discovery / Needs Analysis Consulting

Almost all District Agency projects begin with a full discovery and needs analysis of the organization. Our consultants meet with the major stakeholders and decision makers within the organization in a collaborative, high-trust working forum. During the discovery consult we work to define the following:
  • Goals of the website
  • Major target audiences
  • Content inventory and architecture
  • Staff roles and responsibilities
  • Technology requirements
  • Functionality requirements
  • Measurements of success (how we hope visitors use the site, what content they consume, and how they interact with conversion web pages)
In addition to the information gathering done by District Agency, there is a knowledge transfer of our expertise to the organization that includes the following:
  • Best practices in usability
  • Content organization and relationships
  • Basic web analytic principles
  • Vendor expectations of the organization

Discovery consultations conclude with a project plan document that District Agency consultants prepare for the organization. The project plan acts as a guide for the organization staff to make sound, educated decisions throughout the project lifecycle. The project plan is also used in the creation of the RFP. The detailed objectives, requirements, and execution processes within the project plan make it a great asset in writing a sound RFP.

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