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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Showcase Your Work When it's All Classified

A recent client had a challenge we hadn't come across.  The majority of their business was classified and they were having a very difficult time showing off their capabilities to potential clients  because of the secrecy of their work. 

We had discussed a few options, but upon leaving the office I hadn't come up with any really solid answers. 

I rethought the problem and began thinking about all of the elements that made up the assets of the project.  I quickly realized we were able to grab credibility and competency based on the assets alone, not needing any project specifics to prove a point. 

  •  The company itself had longevity, a world class client list, and well known in the government space for over 30 years.
  • The personnel of the company were some of the best in their field with a laundry list of accolades and awards.
  •  The client list was impressive in it's own right.  Companies who develop products for the Department of Defense for 30 years must be doing something right.
  • Although the work was classified, use of the technology in other broader terms or different usages could be used in certain circumstances.
  • The typical company project type could be equated to show the size and breadth of their projects.

We proposed to create a case study page that outlined recent projects and showcased the company assets in the project rather than the details.  In addition we coupled the case study pages with 'Additional Resources' in the right column that drove users to similar or related content, staff biographies, and media files.

The objective of the new web pages was to show content that related to the end users needs.  So for example users would see.

Case Studies

Project Cost:  $2.2 million

Length of Project:  9 months

Client:  US Government

Project Manager:  Johnny Doe - 15 years experience building widgets, oversees 45 engineers specializing in widget fiber and cable.  Johnny was accredited for his expertise in Widget Fiber, and recognized as one of the finest Widgeteers in the world.

Related Projects:  23

Project Lead:  Jane Smith - 25 years of Widget Engineering and development.  Published in Popular Widgets, and Widgetolitan

Project Team: 1 project manager, 1 project lead, 12 engineers, 4 computer programmers, 1 web page designer

% of Work Done In-house:  100%

Additional Resources:

  1. Similar Projects (link)
  2. Jane Smith Biography (link)
  3. Johnny Doe Biography (link)
  4. Company breakdown by job position (link)
  5. Core Capabilities